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Théâtre populaire Ivanna Nechay

Théâtre Populaire Ivanna Nechay» – is a unique music and drama projeсt that presents slavic culture in its diversity: art, handicrafts, music.

The association was created by Ivanna Nechay and a group of inspired Russian speaking people in Paris in 2015. The Theatre put on stage different musical performances, representing the most significant holidays in the folkloric calendar: Christmastide (Svyatki), Christmas, Maslenitsa, St.John the Baptist day (Ivan Kupala) and others.

In addition to the performances, various creative workshops, like handcrafts, traditional Russian and Ukrainian cuisine, national costume, music and drama workshops, lectures on folkloristics take place in a friendly and warm atmosphere.

All the events are held in Russian and French. They are oriented on a wide audience, free communication and family entertainment. Every year our cultural-educational project attracts more and more people and enriches our activity sphere.

This year a new performance appeared in the theater’s repertory. It significantly differs from other creative productions of the Ivanna Nechay’s Theatre. In March 2018 Parisian audience had a chance to see a musical performance «The Muses of the ХХ century», dedicated to the greatest Russian and French women, whose names went down in history and became a national cultural heritage. The performance offers a modern sight on the lives and works of the women, who inspired the XX century. Marina Tsvetaeva, Vera Kholodnaya, Cleo de Merod, Josephine Backer, Dalida, Anna Akhmatova, Ksenya Nekrasova and Edith Piaf are among them. This splendid topic inspired the director and the actors with new challenging ideas and gave the field for future creative experiments. A new version of the performance will be presented on 2019 in Paris. Follow our announcements!

Dear friends! You can help us!

Our Theater is very young. Thanks to the enthusiasm and selfless work of its actors it exists and is willing to develop. We are facing a lot of goals and challenges, that are difficult to solve on our own.

We would be grateful for your support of any kind. You can help the Theatre in many different ways: make a financial contribution to the Theatre’s account, share useful contacts, offer transportation services, costumes purchasing, technical equipment, indoor space renting, tour organisation and etc.

Currently, the Theatre doesn’t have a permanent rehearsals place. As for now the Theatre receive nothing from government institutions, we address to all the people, who are attracted by our project and can provide help. We count on you. Together we are a big force that can achieve a great success!

We would appreciate your cooperation and help,

Sincerely, the administration of Théâtre Populaire Ivanna Nechay


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